We are dedicated to having a team of professional & personable barbers who take their craft seriously. From modern to classic hairstyles, we are committed to meeting your requests in a timely manner. 


We strive to provide a family friendly environment. We encourage staff and clients to have profanity free conversations, in addition, all music / tv choices are also profanity free. 


Every Tuesday, we give back to our community with discounts on our services, all haircuts are $5 off! Every Tuesday night, we feed the homeless community in Hoboken, NJ. If you'd like to donate towards our cause, click here. On the first Monday of every month, TG & volunteer barbers give free haircuts to the homeless in Hoboken & Paterson, NJ. Click here to learn more about #TruGloryTuesdays

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More than a hairstyle. it's a LIFESTYLE.

Aside from hairstyles, we strive to transform lifestyles as well. We want to inspire you to live selflessly, loving & serving others regardless of cultural or physical differences. Our movement is inspired by the lifestyle of The Lion & The Lamb, click here to learn more.



TG Apparel's proceeds go towards our mission with those in need. We give out free TG apparel to the homeless whenever possible. If you ever see a homeless person wearing one of our garments, please share some love with them. Whether it's a simple hello, buying them something to eat or blessing them with a donation, we would greatly appreciate it.



Tito Garcia is a believer & follower of Jesus Christ. Tito does not force his faith on staff or clients, but he doesn't shy away from sharing his experiences either. People from all beliefs, cultures and backgrounds are absolutely welcome at TG®. Tito almost took his own life in 2011, but after an encounter with Jesus, his life & business were transformed and serve a greater purpose. The meaning of TG changed from Tito Garcia to TruGlory in a dream.  If you'd like to know more about the TG story, email Tito at TruGloryTG@gmail.com.